I've been incredibly busy with job applications and cleaning out things I have in storage. Not to mention, enjoying the local food and theater.

I've also been organizing my digital life--I have so many photos from Korea, and I definitely don't have enough space on Picasa to display everything I want to display. With advice from my techie husband, I hope to have a better system for these things.

In the meantime, browse around old posts and check out the web album link above to see what I've learned while in Japan. :) I already miss the kids.

When I figure out how I'll organize everything, I hope to create a post to share the process with you, in case you're running into these same problems. There's so many great programs out there, so which ever I chose, I'll be sure to share my reasons.

Also, I will create a post on how I found my job in Japan, for those interested in teaching in Asia. It's a great experience--especially for those who long to travel, but have no money (which was my situation).

I hope the adventure isn't over. I will continue to post my travels here as they come along.

Happy trails!

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On July 22, 2010 at 7:57 AM , K13 said...

Thanks for the blog visit and kind words!! I would love to see all your pictures! I'm having similar dilemma with photo storage, recently changing from Shutterfly to Snapfish....I think that was good decision, I'm happy so far! I have a good friend who LOVES Picasa though.