Note: This post was originally supposed to be posted on my other blog, Sing My Mind. I decided to keep it here, just in case anyone reading this blog is interested.

Thank you satellite radio for introducing me to Mumford and Sons. I don't know much about them, yet, as I just recently exited my cave and came into enlightenment. Okay, so that was a corny statement.

Now, I have an album that I must buy this weekend... Seriously, this song gives me this feeling of nostalgia for reasons incomprehensible to myself. Is it the Irish-sounding vocals/accent (I don't really know if he's Irish, but he sure sounds like it to me)? Is it that awesome melody that I can't get enough of? The folk-rock thing they have going on? Is "folk-rock" hyphenated, because it just seems like it should be!

Whatever it is, it's been on my mind and I love it!

If you can't see the video, you can click here.

Below is a review I was trying to post, but the website would not let me post it. Perhaps the website was affiliated with Skype, and wouldn’t post it because someone actually said something bad about them. Wouldn't put it past them. So, for future reference, and because I want to share my frustrations with the world, here is what I had to say…

I found Skype to be a very awesome program to use while living abroad. Instead of paying outrageous fees, I could talk to anyone else with Skype installed for free.

At the time, however, most of my family wasn’t using Skype. My husband and I decided to sign up for Skype’s paid service, which would allow us to call landlines for a very cheap price. We were also able to obtain a US phone number, so our family could call us from their phones to our computer. There was also the option of forwarding calls to our cell phones, which seemed like a nice option to have.

Everything was super awesome until my credit card was about to expire. My husband went to update the information for our credit card on Skype. Skype refused to allow us to just update our credit card. They told us we had to close our account and begin a new subscription. This sounded odd, but we trusted Skype at the time and always recommended to everyone, so we did as they said.

After closing our account and starting a new one, Skype informed us that we were now under their new terms and conditions which meant, the price we were originally paying for their services more than doubled.

I wrote to them telling them how upset this made me—that I recommended them to all my friends abroad and all my family at home, and then they did this dirty under-handed thing. Their reply pretty much said, “That’s just the way we’re doing it now,” without even any sort of apology.

Then, I returned back to the States. We kept the paid service up until then in order to keep in contact with family. Being back home with a temporary phone and applying for jobs, we decided to use their call forwarding option where our calls can be forwarded to our cell phone. We tested it (since abroad we tried it and found it to not work), and everything seemed fine.

Later, one prospective employer e-mailed me to say she couldn’t reach me at the number I left. I tested the number again and it worked (and others had called me with it). Later, we found out it only works when you have Skype turned on on your computer (and sometimes, it didn’t even work then). I’m not sure how many calls I missed from prospective jobs because of this.

I guess I should have known better than to rely on their services in the first place…

Lesson—don’t pay Skype anything. They’re unreliable and sneaky…

I've been incredibly busy with job applications and cleaning out things I have in storage. Not to mention, enjoying the local food and theater.

I've also been organizing my digital life--I have so many photos from Korea, and I definitely don't have enough space on Picasa to display everything I want to display. With advice from my techie husband, I hope to have a better system for these things.

In the meantime, browse around old posts and check out the web album link above to see what I've learned while in Japan. :) I already miss the kids.

When I figure out how I'll organize everything, I hope to create a post to share the process with you, in case you're running into these same problems. There's so many great programs out there, so which ever I chose, I'll be sure to share my reasons.

Also, I will create a post on how I found my job in Japan, for those interested in teaching in Asia. It's a great experience--especially for those who long to travel, but have no money (which was my situation).

I hope the adventure isn't over. I will continue to post my travels here as they come along.

Happy trails!
I made it back to America safely, and there's so much to catch up on.

However, I've been down with walking pneumonia. I hate, hate, hate being sick, as I had so many plans with catching up with people, and becoming more involved in the community once I returned--but everything was put to a halt as I've had no energy. I was barely able to drink water, let alone open my computer. So, I was a dehydrated.

But now, I'm bouncing back. I've even gone out here and there--I made it to the supermarket long enough to marvel at the fact there was an entire aisle dedicated to cereal. And holy cow! The selection of cream cheese is amazing! God bless America...

Then, I had to nap.

But I'm getting better, I promise. With all the Gatorade I've had these past couple weeks, I can't possibly be dehydrated.

I am looking forward to getting my energy back so I can catch up with friends and family, and get in touch with people who I wanted to keep in touch with in the first place, but thought maybe I wasn't particularly an interesting individual, so was too shy to write such people. But now I figure, what the heck.

I'll be uploading pictures, as I have a ton of them and recapping my trip to Tokyo and Seoul. It was amazing.

'til then, thanks for reading.

Posting from phone since can't send pics from computer. We saw Mt. Fuji yesterday. Pic taken with phone. We'll be in Korea this week. Happy Golden Week! PS New trains for Narita Express! Much betterand very pretty!
So the connection at our hotel in Tokyo is unbearably slow, and as much as I keep trying, I can't get the WTF Friday photo to upload. So, sorry, but there's no WTF Friday, yet. Is it Saturday in America, yet?

Anyhow, I'll periodically try to get the photo uploaded, but so far, it seems a little hopeless.

Sorry about the delay.

Since we've been in Tokyo, I've become increasingly annoyed with the lack of no-smoking space in cafes. To top it off, people tend to smoke where they aren't supposed to...

Sorry this came out so late....